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Apogee introduces new Element Series Thunderbolt audio interfaces for Mac
I've been a longtime Apogee user and currently use the company's excellent Quartetas my main audio interface for my Mac and home studio. Today Apogee introduces its latest line of audio interfaces, the Element Series, introducing Thunderbolt connectivity and a new design somewhere between its more expensive pro line and its popular prosumer products like the Quartet and DuetThe Element Series is more of a traditional rack mounted-style design compared to the Duet and Quartet that are both made to be desktop audio interfaces. That means the Element products don't have a touch panel and large knob, but instead offer better connectivity options compared to Duet and Quartet for the price.The new Element Series includes the 2 IN x 2 OUT Element 24 ($595), 4 IN x 2 OUT Element 46 ($895), and the 8 IN x 4 OUT Element 88 ($1495). All of which include Optical ADAT/SMUX/SPIDF in/out support for additional connectivity, and the Element 46 and Element 88 include two stereo headphone jacks as opposed to one on the Element 24.
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