Zamen | زامن
The headphone jack ain't dead yet
In 2016, Apple removed the headphone jack from its iPhone and in 2017, it seemed, the rest of the mobile industry would follow suit, leaving us with only a choice between a Lightning or USB-C dongle. But a cool thing is happening at Mobile World Congress this year: Android phone manufacturers are shrugging off the jack-less fad and are forging ahead with the traditional 3.5mm headphone output intact. Rob Pegoraro of Yahoo noticed the common thread among the big announcements at this show — they all run Android and they all have a headphone jack — and opined that "the headphone jack isn't going anywhere." I agree with his assessment, but have to append the word "yet" to that statement. The threat of a jack-less future still lingers on our horizon, though it might be a little more distant than initially thought.
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