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'Fangold: The Eventful Adventures of Land of Britain' is a Card Battling Game that Features an Open World to Explore
Card battling games are all over the place in the App Store, but a card battler that also features an open world to explore? That's something I haven't seen yet, and it's what Potato Killer Studios is promising with their upcoming game Fangold: The Eventful Adventures of Land of Britain. The game was announced all the way back in May of last year, but this week the developers have released the first official gameplay trailer showing the game in action. In addition to building up decks and battling players in PvP and PvE, you can also roam the land to take on quests from characters in the world, gather up items for crafting, and deck out your very own Inn with awards and furniture. Check out the trailer for Fangold.
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