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How to turn off notifications for specific podcasts
We are currently disassembling Apple's Podcasts app here on iDB, turning over every rock in iOS to help you make the most of what the seemingly basic app has to offer. After walking you through automatic downloads for your favorite shows earlier this week, we're back with another slick little trick designed to cut down unwanted notification clutter perpetrated by the app. Because notwithstanding your fondness for the dozen podcasts you love to zap through, collectively they sure can generate a bevy of notifications on your iPhone. Speaking from experience, the crux of the matter is that some of these notifications are much more hotly anticipated (e.g. surprise releases) than others (daily shows), which means neither leaving all podcasts notifications activated nor fully switching them off is going to genuinely cut the mustard for most users. If you have made it this far, you will already have an inkling that there is luckily enough a much more satisfying middle way. And thankfully, you called it right. The square, purple icon on your Home screen itself holds the answers we need when it comes to selectively dumping the episode-drop notifications. So in the interest of a tidy Notification Center and minimal maintenance efforts, here's how to remain in control of podcast notifications by toggling off the ones that have been bugging you for too long. Flatly turning off notifications from your Podcasts app in Settings is one way of coping with the barrage of new episode reminders popping up day in and day out. It is in fact a pretty common conclusion listeners eventually arrive at, simply because often times the bad outweighs the good, the pesky notifications drown the few ones you are looking forward to finally roll in. While this is a tradeoff you might have begrudgingly agreed to making some time ago, let me tell you that in iOS, this last resort type of action is frankly not needed. So how about we get you back in the Podcasts notifications game, except this time you're only going to get signed up for the show reminders you actually want to receive?
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