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Best Movie Apps for Windows 10
If you are a movie aficionado or simply looking to cut ties to your local cable provider, the Windows Store has a nice selection of apps that can help you catch your favorite motion picture or television series. These apps are great options for entertaining friends, keeping the kids occupies or simply curling up on the sofa to become a couch potato. While many rely on the native Movies and TV app, these Windows 10 apps offer an alternative for those looking for something different. These Windows 10 apps are perfect for a tablet or PC viewing and those with Windows 10 Mobile versions can be great for catching a movie when you are on the go and away from the couch. To complete the Windows 10 circle, a few are available for Xbox One for those times you need a break from gaming. Just keep in mind that most require a paid subscription or operate on a pay per view model. Here are our best movie apps for Windows 10. Update 4 February 2017 We have made a few changes to this article based on new releases, reader's input, and staff debate. There may be some new titles in the mix, as well as those that we continue to view as the best from the Windows Store.
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