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Evernote says ‘small number' of users affected by data loss bug, offers them free year of Premium
Evernote has started notifying Evernote for Mac users via email informing them that they should update the app as soon as possible. In the email, the company says that this is due to a recently discovered bug that could cause images and other attachments to be deleted from a note “under specific conditions.” Text notes, however, are unaffected.Evernote points out that not everyone is affected, saying “a small number of people” were hit by the bug. Nevertheless, Evernote says that once the problem was identified, it worked quickly to resolve it and attempted to restore all lost attachments, though it wasn't entirely successful.While some attachments were able to be saved by Evernote, users themselves may be able to salvage some through the service's note history feature, which is only available to Evernote Premium customers.In a move that might be a little too late, though, Evernote is offering everyone affected by the attachment loss bug one free year of Evernote Premium to “make amends” and offer improved customer support via chat and email. If you already have Premium, Evernote says the gift code can be used to either extend your subscription for one year or saved as Points for use down the line.Personally, I'm a big Evernote user but was not affected by this bug. It's unclear just how widespread the issue is, but either way, be sure to update Evernote for Mac to the latest version as soon as possible.The full email that was sent out is below:
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