Zamen | زامن
3DSwitcher 2 brings three-dimensional animations to your App Switcher
Without a doubt, the App Switcher is one of the interfaces that gets used more than any other on an iOS device. It's an access point for all of your recently-used apps, and whenever you desire to force-quit an application, you'll end up in the App Switcher for that too. Since you use it so much, why not empower yourself with the ability to customize it and make it look the way you want it to? You could always leave it stock, but when you have a jailbreak, you can stand out from the rest with a jailbreak tweak called 3DSwitcher 2 As the name suggests, this tweak is designed around the premise of changing the look and feel of the App Switcher with a more three-dimensional appeal. As an example, the GIF below shows the new App Switcher by default after installing this tweak:
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