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MTA eTix app gains Apple Pay support, allowing New York commuters to jump the lines
Commuters in New York now have a new way to pay for their ride. As announced by New York governor Andrew Cuomo, the MTA eTix app now supports Apple Pay. This means that commuters can now easily and securely purchase tickets for New York City's Long Island Railroad and Metro-North Railroad trains.Apple Pay vice president Jennifer Bailey commented on the rollout, noting that the commute is now a lot easier for New Yorkers. “The New York commute just got that much easier thanks to Apple Pay in the MTA eTix app. Now you can skip the line entirely to buy train tickets right on your iPhone,” she said in a statement.With the MTA eTix app, which is free on the App Store, users no longer need to wait in line to purchase tickets. Rather, they can quickly purchase a ticket via their iOS device and skip the line. The ticket will activate before boarding the train.MTA's Long Island Railroad and Metro-North Railroad are the two busiest commuter trains in North America. The Long Island Railroad has an average weekday rider cargo of 300,000 passengers, running between Manhattan and Suffolk County. The Metro-North Railroad has an average weekday ridership of arodun 285,000 people, operating between Manhattan and upstate New York.MTA eTix is available on the App Store now.
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