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Google brings gorgeous photo screensaver to Mac with multi-monitor support
Google has made its Featured Photos screensaver – previously limited to Pixel, Chromecast and Google Fiber devices – available on the Mac. The screensaver pulls in the highest-rated shots Google+ users have chosen to make public, so you get a constantly-updating flow of often breathtakingly gorgeous photos.The screensaver works especially well on multiple monitor setups, as each monitor displays a different photo …As Engadget notes, you effectively get a mini art gallery in your office or home.To protect privacy, the app filters out photos featuring people, so it's mostly a mix of landscapes and cityscapes. To install it, just download the DMG file from Google and double-click the .saver file inside it. The screensaver is then added to your standard macOS screensavers.If you'd like your own photos to be featured, Google's Neil Inala explains how.
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