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'Mikey Jumps' is a Mashup of the 'Mikey Shorts' Trilogy Arriving Next Month
For the first time in more than two years, our old pal Mikey is heading back to the App Store. Mikey Jumps is a brand new entry from developer BeaverTap Games but it pulls elements from all three previous games in the Mikey Trilogy. With "simple one-touch controls" you'll run and jump in classic Mikey Shorts [$1.99] fashion, hook and swing in Mikey Hooks [$1.99] fashion, and rocketboot yourself around in Mikey Boots [$1.99] fashion, all in the same game! Though we haven't seen any in-game screens or footage, it sounds like Mikey Jumps will be of the auto-runner variety based on its description. You can, however, feast your eyes on this very colorful promotional image below. Oooohhhh, shiny!
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