Zamen | زامن
ByeByeHUD is another attempt to improve the iPhone volume HUD
The volume HUD continues to lack any innovation from Apple with each passing release of iOS. It's put smack in the middle of the screen, overlaying everything and making watching videos or playing games more of an annoyance than anything. There has been a truck load of jailbreak tweaks released in the past that aimed to fix this issue by relocating the volume HUD to the top of the screen, and a new free release called ByeByeHUD by midkin joins that ever-expanding list. Once installed, ByeByeHUD essentially relocates the volume HUD to the top of the screen, just like many jailbreak tweaks before it. Here, it's out of the way and doesn't hinder your access to the screen to watch videos and/or play games. ByeByeHUD includes many themes you can pick from, which is a feature normally only seen in paid releases:
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