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How to master the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
The iPhone 7 is a lot like its predecessor. It looks identical, save a slightly different camera on the standard model and an additional lens on the iPhone 7 Plus. And when put in a case, you wouldn't be able to tell this year's Apple product from last year's, even if you ordered one with the new "jet black" finish.Sure, inside there are faster processors, slightly bigger batteries, and lenses with higher megapixel counts. (Oh, and no headphone jack.) But we've reached a point where that doesn't really matter. The average consumer isn't so concerned with subtle design iterations or incremental spec improvements so much as they are with how technology feels. The important question is whether consumers feel like a new gadget makes their lives easier and enriches the experiences they love, be it snapping photos, or chatting with friends, or staying informed.The iPhone 7 is proof that software trumps hardwareSo maybe you just bought the iPhone 7, and you're holding it in your hand right now, reading this story, and wondering, "What now?" Well, know that the device you're holding is designed to be the most optimal piece of hardware for iOS 10, which is really where you'll see, feel, and appreciate how far the mobile industry has come. We may be due for a big hardware upgrade soon — next year's rumored 10-year anniversary version of the iPhone is said to be Apple's biggest leap in ages. But with the iPhone 7, you can certainly glimpse what's around the corner, and take advantage of that foresight today. Here's our guide on where to start.
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