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'Pathfinder Adventures' Adds Adventure Deck 4, the 'Fortress of the Stone Giants'
Many of you have been impatiently waiting for Pathfinder Adventures [Free] to add more decks, and finally today we got Adventure Deck 4, the Fortress of the Stone Giants. This new deck lets you experience Sandpoint under siege as you try to defeat the Stone Giant invasion and unlock the mystery of an ancient spire. The update adds 5 new scenarios, 4 new locations, new loot, new maps, and new Legendary rewards. If you do manage to complete each scenario on Legendary, you'll unlock the Guide to the Beyond, a book that will be of great help when you have checks against Outsiders or when acquiring magical boons. If you are a Bundle owner, you'll also get the Birdcruncher Crown promo card that you can use to gain boons when you defeat Goblins.
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