Zamen | زامن
Opinion: If KGI report is accurate, what are Apple's plans for the future of the iPad lineup?
A KGI report this morning made for intriguing reading. Two aspects of the report were unsurprising: a new version of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro next year, and a ‘radical' new form factor in 2018, using OLED screen technology in a flexible display.By next year, the largest model in the current iPad lineup will definitely be due a refresh, and with Apple expected to adopt OLED for the 2018 iPhone, possibly with some form of flexible display, you'd naturally expect the company to use the same tech in that year's iPads.But a third element sounded rather more surprising: a new 10.5-inch iPad next year, sitting alongside a new 9.7-inch model. As Benjamin noted this morning, that's a size difference of just 0.8 inches between the two models, which on the face of it sounds rather odd. So what might be the explanation for this … ?
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