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Former NSA staffer demonstrates Mac malware that can tap into live webcam and mic feeds
Security researcher and former NSA staffer Patrick Wardle is this afternoon demonstrating a way for Mac malware to tap into live feeds from the built-in webcam and microphone. His presentation is being delivered at the Virus Bulletin conference in Denver later today.Although any unauthorized access to the webcam will light the green LED – a firmware-level protection that is exceedingly difficult to bypass – Wardle's presentation shows how a malicious app can tap into the outgoing feed of an existing webcam session, like a FaceTime or Skype call, where the light would already be on …Wardle was the researcher who previously uncovered a way for malware to bypass Gatekeeper protection to run unsigned apps, as well as pointing out a flaw in Apple's fix for the Rootpipe vulnerability that allowed an attacker with local access to a Mac to escalate their privileges to root.The paper is entitled Getting Duped: Piggybacking on Webcam Streams for Surreptitious Recordings.
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