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Send in the Clones: If Apple doesn't want to innovate the desktop Mac, it should let others
Seemingly neglected with the latest round of Mac refreshes are Apple's desktop offerings. While the MacBook Pro was dramatically overhauled this year with a new design, faster internals, an all-new Touch Bar, and more, the desktop offerings, specifically the Mac mini and Mac Pro, were left untouched.In fact, while the iMacs were last updated a little over a year ago, it has been since 2014 when the Mac mini saw even a speed bump and you have to go back over 1000 days to 2013 when the Mac Pro was updated with Apple VP of Marketing Phil Schiller rather ironically saying “can't innovate anymore my ass.”Apple's inattention in this area has left many to question whether or not either standalone Mac has a future or if Apple could push the less lucrative desktop business into the hands of another company. Doing so could keep Apple's customers happy and offer significant time and monetary incentives for Apple…Apple dramatically overhauled the Mac Pro back in 2013 with an all-new cylindrical design. The design is significantly smaller than the previous tower-esque Mac Pro, giving it a much smaller footprint. Apple also, of course, notably improved the speed capabilities of the Mac Pro with the 2013 refresh. But the updated design made it more difficult for users to perform their own upgrades after purchasing the machine.As CPUs and GPUs have gotten faster since 2013, Mac Pro users have been left behind. Almost a year ago, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey said:
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