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Hands-on with the new ceramic Apple Watch Edition Series 2 – unboxing and review [Video]
Today we're taking a look at the new Apple Watch Edition. This year, Apple switched it up and ditched the all gold models in favor of ceramic. Why ceramic you might ask? Well first off, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than solid gold, but it's also four times stronger than stainless steel, which makes it the most scratch resistant Apple Watch available…Inside of the box, you'll find the Series 2 Apple Watch Edition of course in a standard hard shell white container, with some paperwork and documentation below it. Below that, you'll find Apple's Magnetic Charging dock, which is a nice added bonus here. It retails separately for $80. Along with that there's a Lightning cable for the dock and Apple's standard Apple Watch charging puck.So as you can see, there are not many thrills this year when compared to the previous Edition models. It's more like the stainless steel Apple Watch experience with the added dock and some special documentation.Apple even went as far as shipping it with just a standard Sport band, but at least the pin is also ceramic here. When it comes to looks, I'm a big fan of the glossy white. Oddly enough, it's the polar opposite of Apple's Jet Black iPhone. Here we have the least scratchable Apple product and the most scratchable Apple product… all released in 2016.Check out our unboxing and review video below:
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